Bored Piling Philippines

APRICTC offers professional, efficient and prompt bored piling services in the Philippines.

We do quality job for bored piling services depending on the type your company needs. APRICTC is also the top pick and number one direct supplier of bored pile accessories and boring machines such as bullet tooth, auger, and bucket in the Philippine market.

In construction

Bored piling is used as foundations mostly for high-rise buildings, bridge work, and complex structures. Bored piling has numerous advantages. It produces lower noise level and minimum or no vibration.

Bored piles can be large in diameter, has the ability to drill hard or sticky soil, such as clay and hard rock. Bored piles are capable of carrying very high loads. During the process of bored piling, the type and layers of soil are tested and analyzed by a specialist in order to distinguish the method of drilling that must be applied.

Bored Piling Equipment has two types: rotary and non-rotary

It varies in sizes and depths as well. It can be small or large in diameter. The procedure starts with checking of the location. An instrument is used to check the pile points. After checking, the casing will be inserted vertically and then the drilling begins. There are different types of drilling machines, so the appropriate machine will be used based on the work area and the size and depth of the structure that needs to be built. When the right depth and size has been achieved, the steel cage will be inserted and installed, and finally, concrete pouring will be done.

Our company supplies and fabricates bored pile accessories such as tremie pipe and platform. These mostly needed in the bridge works, building constructions, etc.

Need of bored piling services in the Philippines, APRICTC is the best choice for all your construction needs.