Bridge Works

APRICTC specializes and provides an outstanding job when doing horizontal construction or bridge works in the Philippines.


All our equipment  are state of the art and company owned-investment. They are well-maintained and we have enough man power. This makes us truly different from other companies in the Philippines.

Our company has been providing and offering bridge works, foundation work, transmission lines, etc as all part of the horizontal construction services. We had variety of clients from different businesses and government civil works in the Philippines.

For bridge work or civil works, we only use state of the art equipment and quality materials depending on the job we are required to do so.

APRICTC has demonstrated capability in design and construct of bridge works for private companies and local government in the Philippines.

Our company have been designing, constructing, repairing and strengthening bridges since, becoming an acknowledged leader in bridge works and bridge construction systems in the Philippines having completed projects througout Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.


Before a bridge can be built an appropriate method of construction must be chosen. The decision is made by the design team. The principle factors considered by the design team when chosing a suitable method of construction are given below: The scale of the bridge, The obstacles to be crossed, The regularity of the span lengths, The horizontal and vertical profiles of the bridge decks, The nature of the soil strata, The local weather, The local cost of materials, The local labour market, The accessibility of the site and The time allowed for construction.

Aprictc have chosen these guide and methods to perform the task at speed and with precision. Our company has proven it’s worth on quality and cost-efficiency.


From state of the art equipment and outstanding professional workers, APRICTC is definitely your best choice for bridge works in the Philippines.