Drilling Company in the Philippines

APRICTC is the number one choice for drilling company in the Philippines.

Drilling wells in NRC region of the Philippines.

What makes APRICTC a company to trust?

Our company’s drilling services only adhere to quality as well as giving you your money’s worth. We assure you the best drilling job that we offer. Reliability is what our company’s goal and our daily life reputation. We give you only the best drilling services you can only imagine. Also our company’s has been engaged with many clients for a while back and still continues to maintain a long-lasting business relationship to new leads.

We offer drilling services such as:

We offer trepanning, foundation drilling, etc using drilling rigs in the Philippine setting whether Luzon, Visayas and as far as Mindanao. Many Philippine-based companies have tried and tested our services both private and government.

Importance of drilling for commercial construction

Drilling is one part of our construction services and also one of our core specialties that we keep our company updated on the newest technology and equipment. We will always provide our clients with the best drilling services and drilling equipment in the Philippine market.

Drilling is a key technology in several applications of strategic or societal importance, including

  • exploration for and extraction of oil, gas, geothermal, and mineral resources;

  • environmental monitoring and remediation;

  • underground excavation and infrastructure development; and

  • scientific studies of the Earth’s subsurface.

Drilling is the primary tool for extracting petroleum from rocks in the subsurface. Improvements in drilling technology that lower drilling costs and increase the rate of success in finding and extracting petroleum will have a direct benefit to the Philippines in terms of higher energy reserves, stable energy costs, and improved economic competitiveness in the drilling and service industries, which are increasingly global in character. Drilling is also the primary tool for extracting geothermal energy (hot water and steam) from the subsurface for heat and electricity production. At present, geothermal energy is more expensive than fossil fuel energy, owing in part to the high cost of drilling. The reduction in drilling costs through the introduction of improved technologies will allow more of this clean, domestic energy source to be utilized.

APRICTC uses specialty equipment for drilling as to provide precision and effectively of the required tasks. Our company is committed to provide the Philippine market, whether government, SME and Large Corporations, the best solutions for your drilling needs.

Diversified services

We’re not only a drilling company in the Philippines but we also offer hauling services, steel fabrications, bridge works, supplier of bored pilings, sheet pilings, etc., mainly for your construction needs.