Large Diameter Drilling Philippines


APRICTC offers professional large diameter drilling in the Philippines with years of experience with drilling rigs and bored pile drilling. We specialize in the use of rotary tools used in large diameter water applications, and deep air/mud rotary and flooded reverse drilling requires expertise and experience. We manufacture all API thread profiles as well as the ever popular 6 5/8″ Smooth Flow and Full Hole connections. We configure the tool joint to exactly fit your specific tool handling requirements.

Large diameter wells are a significant and progressive investment meaning the larger and deeper you drill, the larger the investment. The scope of the operation, equipment, and dedicated personnel are considerable in drilling large diameter wells. This means tooling reliability and performance are a drilling contractor’s top requirement. Matrix’s quality, craftsmanship, and reliability result in the production of the industry’s very best rotary drilling tools.


Cost effective.


We make sure when using our services you are getting the  best value for your money. We collaborate with your engineers to ensure your project is a success. We help you analyze any of other possibilities when offering you a cost effective solution. Since all of our work is done by seasoned professionals  you can have peace of mind knowing you are getting the best deal out on the market. 


High Performance Equipment.


We carry some of the best equipment for large diameter drilling the Philippines. We use different casings and drill heads to guarantee maximum efficiency on jobs. A variety of drill bits are employed to suit conditions which range from soft soils to rock with high compressive strengths. Drill data is electronically recorded for later analysis.

Professional Drilling Team.


We have a team of drillers with years of experience working with different kinds of terrain. Our team can determine what kind of drilling needs to be done, and communication with contractors on progress about the drilling.